You deserve to wake up every morning, say you're an absolute babe, and believe it.

Welcome to the Everybody is a Babe Self-Paced Course! Enjoy all of the exercises, videos, and resources at your own pace! I have been meticulous with the development of this self-paced course, and I'm so excited to share!

The Everybody Is a Babe Workshop is a self-paced online course where we examine the mechanisms that create & perpetuate body shame and work to develop tools to counter those harmful narratives with thoughtful exercises, selected media, readings, and creative work.

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Ready to address body shame?

I spent 15 years of my life hating my body. In my mind, the only solution to feeling disconnected or ashamed of my body was weight loss. I engaged in disordered eating, punitive workouts, self-destructive behaviors and constant anxiety about my size. Truthfully, during those years, I don't think there was a single day that I liked my body

Almost everything is different now. Here on the other side of shame, I want you to know: there is another way.

If we don't know each other yet, hi!
I am a composer/performer/poet who is also a fat person and in the public eye. I have done years of research for my own growth and body healing journey, and I am constantly asked "how did you do it?" This course is an answer to that question. I have designed these lessons to walk you through little epiphanies I had along the way, content & media that I found helpful, and ask you questions that I asked myself as I unlearned body shame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the workshop and the course?
The workshop is a 4-week intensive with community collaboration and connection. We meet over zoom and it's a blast! The self-paced course is for folks who simply don't have the time to connect for the synchronous classes, or who would rather do this work independently.

What is the refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for the self-paced course. Please reach out if there are extenuating circumstances.

Are there scholarships available?

Scholarships are not available for the self-paced course, but they are available for the workshop. Preference is given to BIPOC, trans & non-binary folks, people in bigger bodies, and people with disabilities. Please fill out this questionnaire to apply for the May workshop.

Is this only for fat people? Or women?

Not at all. Body shame lives in people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. While the workshop & course does have a focus on marginalized bodies and primarily centers fat experiences, I find that examining and working to dismantle our internalized anti-fat bias is something that benefits our collective liberation. Regardless of our own size, we are conditioned to see larger bodies as a moral failure and to fear fatness—usually under the guise of beauty, desirability, and "health". Those fears and anxieties lead to body shame, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating for people of all sizes.

I have found that using my own lived experience of being a queer, fat woman is the most helpful way for me to facilitate this work. If you are somebody, you are a babe! And you deserve to feel radical self love!

Are you a medical professional?

Nope! I am a singer/songwriter/poet who is also a fat person. I have done years of research for my own growth and body healing journey (and book!), and I am constantly asked "what worked for you?" This workshop is meant to be an answer to that question. I intend this to be a collaborative experience for you; to introduce concepts and texts from actual professionals while you build community with other folks who are on a similar journey. Consider me your cheesecloth for body positive concepts, exercises, and books. Everybody is a Babe is intended to be educational– not to treat physical or mental illness. Please consult a licensed service provider if you need help.

If you are battling an active eating disorder, are in recent recovery, or feel that participating in discussions about food, exercise, or body shame may disrupt your healing rather than help, please consult with your recovery team before enrolling.

What principles are you going to cover?

Everybody is a Babe is strongly anti-diet. With very rare exceptions, I believe intentional weight loss is often a prescription for disordered eating. I believe in creating a new approach to health where weight is a neutral component. You are more than welcome in this space even if you are pursuing weight loss or thinking about pursuing weight loss—in fact, I highly recommend this workshop to evaluate if intentional weight loss is truly serving your long-term goals. While openness & vulnerability in this group is foundational, openly discussing active weight loss pursuits is antithetical to this work.

In this space, we examine the current systemic and cultural treatment of marginalized bodies, the historical treatment of marginalized bodies, how weight stigma affects opportunities and access for fat people, how fatness is a mechanism of white supremacy, how capitalism plays a key role in body shame, how intersectionality is essential to this work, and how we might imagine a new world for all marginalized bodies. We begin with an external lens initially, because it’s important to see how oppressive systems manipulate us to be consumed with our own perceived failure–ultimately, none of us should need something like this, and yet, so many of us do. That alone should be a red flag that the systems we are subjected to are not working!

The second half of the course is devoted to self-work, reflection, and to introduce new ways of thinking about food, movement, and our own behaviors. I will be using the principles of HAES, intuitive eating, joyful movement, mindfulness, meditation, CBT, and my own lived experience to guide us through the Great Unlearning!

What if I have don't have any negative body issues?


Everybody is a Babe is geared more toward folks who will be learning new tools, rather than seasoned self love pros, but sometimes a refresher can be helpful!

Is this workshop/course good for teenagers?

I would have loved to experience something like this when I was in high school; it might have saved me from some really harmful behaviors!

I encourage parents to enroll with their teens, because the anti-diet language and approach is still considered fairly radical, and teens struggling with body image need all the support they can get. Caveats: I swear a fair amount, and there are a few exercises/resources that include nudity and discuss adult topics. If taking the workshop, participants talk in their own groups unmoderated. Additionally, the facebook group is not heavily monitored either, and adult topics may occasionally pop up. These things are easy to opt out of, but it's best if you give me or my workshop coordinator a heads up that you/your teen is under 18 if you do enroll.